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SERENADE BUSINESS SOFTWARE was written by Serrata Systems and Software Limited.

Serrata Systems was formed in 1985 in Auckland, New Zealand as a software development contracting company that would also provide support for a number of P/C based packages developed overseas and marketed in New Zealand.

Serrata Systems was involved with the early use of networked P/C's using INFOSHARE (with TeleVideo equipment) and early releases on Novell Netware on 8088 and 80286 machines. It was due to their contact with these systems that the focus of the business changed to be more concerned with the business needs of users with networked P/C's than with the actual operating systems. A product called ESSENCE was developed under contract for CALIBRE SOFTWARE, this was marketed through that organisation. When Calibre was taken-over by IMPACT SYSTEMS, SERRATA SYSTEMS developed their own product and called it SERENADE. The name was chosen as it means 'sweet music in the night' which was an oblique reference to the design feature that allowed processing of listings and sequential reports to be run as a job stream at night thus allowing the system to be used totally interactively during the day.

The current version of SERENADE is 8.0.

The staff at SERRATA SYSTEMS attempt to keep in close touch with the users of SERENADE and are available (usually immediately) to deal with any queries from dealers or users. System users are also encouraged to suggest future enhancements to SERENADE so that the product develops the way it will be most useful to their companies. Some of these tend to be industry specific so are excluded from the basic system while others that are considered more general in nature are included.

SERENADE is marketed by dealers and by direct sales from SERRATA SYSTEMS. Dealer enquiries are welcome.

Serrata Systems are happy to customise SERENADE to meet any user's requirements. This is unusual in the computer industry when sophisticated systems are involved. Other companies do not want to deviate from the standard system even though some requested changes are important to the systems user's business. SERRATA SYSTEMS recognise that as companies develop their requirements change and that it is essential for their computer systems to be able to meet their needs on an on-going basis.


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