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Being able to provide accurate quotation with the minimum of effort is a characteristic of successful companies. Too much marketing effort is wasted with time consuming quotations. Serenade generates quotations quickly and accurately and provides tools to monitor quotations.


The system needs the Debtors and Stock systems to be available. You may create and amend quotations and print a quotation document. When the quote is accepted you may create an order from the quote. Quotations may be generated from the Point of Sale process so that a potential customer can have a record of the prices that they have been given. When created normally the system will automatically price and discount according to the sales discount structures but this may be amended. The item costs and margin are displayed by item as are the totals.

  • Unlimited number of quotations.
  • Follow-up reports by date
  • Access to present stock levels and pricing
  • Display of all costs and the gross margin by item
  • Existing discounting arrangements applied automatically but may be over-ridden
  • Ability to convert quotations in to orders
  • Extensive comments available
Standard Comments

All documents can have a virtually unlimited amount of comment on them. These comments can be standard or specific for that document or a mixture of both and may be general for the quote and/or for a specific item.


The system uses the accounting structure set in the Debtors system and the customer type and stock analysis group to access the discounting arrangements.

Pricing / Discounting

The normal pricing and discounting (as per order processing) applies and you may amend these as necessary. The process displays the Average, Standard and Last cost and the gross margin against the selected cost. There is a facility that allows you to price items for sales based on a margin or mark-up percentage of their cost.


Orders may be generated from a quotation and may then be amended and processed as normal orders. The generated orders will be 'Fixed' at the quotation prices and discounts.


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